Elf Survival Box helps parents

survive Elf Season in what is an extremely busy month in life. The month where everything collides – Christmas shopping, end of school, catch ups with friends, Christmas concerts and costumes AKA December!

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The Elf Survival Box

Our signature box! We have designed Elf Survival Box to bring the Christmas magic to your home and help you survive Elf Season!

Included are all the props and everything you need to effortlessly set up 24 daily scenes - one for each day of Elf Season. Also included are daily cards and a photographic book to help you set each scene up.

2024 box coming soon!
  • "Elf Survival Box is for anyone who loves the magic of Xmas. The survival box has so many funny, creative and cute ideas to keep those kids entertained and on their toes! Excited for this year!." - Bron, Customer.

  • "My favourite part is choosing what the Elf will be up to each night. The little booklet that comes with it makes it so easy to choose and set it all up" - Emma, Customer.

  • "Can't wait for this year! You saved me last year" - Simone, Customer.

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